Hi, I’m Nan. 

I started JusTaskNan as a personal concierge service in Melbourne, because I know just how much having a helping hand can make a difference in your wellbeing.

I want to help you get rid of your mile long to-do list, without the hassle and the headaches. We’re your task help when you just can’t stand another chore.

I strive to free up your time and clear your life admin, so you can get back to enjoying life – not just surviving it.

I aim to help be the best version of yourself, and give you back the life you deserve. 

So go on – treat yourself! 

Get Started With a Free 30 Minute Consultation

Make sure your needs are met with a free in-person consultation, based in Melbourne. I’ll listen to your concerns and match our services to your unique situation.

History & Vision

I have a strong sales & customer service background.

Some of my past pursuits include owning my own floristry retail business, managing other retail stores, travel consultancy and a long history of performing Executive Assistant duties.

My past experience leaves me well-equipped to meet your needs, and arranging help from me is a breeze from start to finish!

I take inspiration from what we all really seek – a little relief from the finer stresses in life.

Psychiatrist Robert Waldinger conducted a 75 year study into what makes a good life, and he found something we probably already know deep down. “Good lives” are built on good relationships, and not the other distractions like fame, wealth or high achievement.

I’m here to help you chase that goodness. Cultivate the relationships with those you love, while I offer kindness & assistance to get rid of everything that’s getting in your way.

If you feel like you could use a little help clearing the clutter so you can regain some control, order and spare time, I’m here to help. Because really, we already know what’s important in our lives, we just sometimes need a little help to bring it into focus & really enjoy it.