Floristry Services

Beyond broad concierge services, I also create floral displays for both personal occasions and business clients.

I am a qualified florist and have many years of experience, allowing me to create the perfect design for a wide range of purposes and budgets.

I specialise in custom and personalised arrangements, making sure any floral art you receive will be completely unique and tailored to the occasion.

With many businesses as ongoing clients, there’s great opportunity for us to have a long relationship – there’s nothing quite like a beautiful bouquet for making a statement!


The Details

None of my floristry arrangements are pre-designed or made in bulk. I create each design based on what each client is after, what the arrangement is for, and what the client’s budget is.

For this reason, each client will have to fill out a brief before I can begin work. Typical questions include

  • Who is the arrangement for (if not yourself)?
  • What colour palette should they be?
  • What is the occasion or event?
  • What is your budget?

I work with both businesses & individuals. The minimum notice period for both is 2 days, but could be longer for more complex arrangements.

Pricing is dependant upon a number of factors, but individual bouquets start at $50 excluding delivery. Special pricing for repeat orders or ongoing arrangements is available.

Once I receive your expression of interest I will be in touch & we can get started!

Reach Out For Your Floral Arrangement

Fill out the briefing form that suits your needs, and I’ll get back to you to start creating your vision!

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