Nan was in my employ for 8 years in the capacity as Office Manager/EA. Nan has been instrumental in the smooth and efficient running of every aspect of the office, including providing executive assistance to the directors and associate directors. 

Nan is responsible for ensuring our finances are managed efficiently and that our cashflow is optimised. In addition, she has managed our internal communications, resolved any staff issues, organised the social events in the office and recognised birthdays, sent flowers to sick staff etc.

Nan is intelligent, resourceful, loyal, committed and hard working. I am confident Nan would be an asset to any business venture she may chose.

Noel Artis 
Project Planning & Management

I have known Nan for over 6 years. In that time, I have been an associate, client & a director. 

Nan has always demonstrated a strong work ethic, resourcefulness & systematic approach to her work. This has been evidenced by a high level of understanding of the needs & operations of our company.

Nan’s ability to think independently & anticipate the needs of the directors, clients & staff has been exemplary, and a credit to her. Nan’s professionalism has always been delivered in a personal & caring manner.

Nan has been a valued member of our leadership team and will be an asset to any future role she chooses.

Michael Hodgson 
Project Planning & Management

I rarely write or provide references for people, however in Nan’s case I am more than pleased to make an exception. Having worked closely with Nan for over 4 years, I have been impressed with her attitude & approach to her work.

Nan has an innate ability to think clearly concisely & is always reliable, especially under difficult circumstances. She is professional in her work & communicates well with her clients.

On a personal level, Nan is a very kind, caring & generous person, who is a pleasure to know both professionally & personally.

Duncan Scott
HASS Development Management

Nan was in my employ for 2 years as a senior International Travel Consultant. Nan’s contribution to the office during this period was invaluable. She was always bright & bubbly, punctual, well groomed, reliable & her customer skills were exceptional.

Nan’s guidance & senior experience within the office was always treasured by myself & my work colleagues. Nothing was ever a bother to do & if a problem arose, she would get in & fix it immediately. Nan was also a great team player. She would involve herself within the office & always offer assistance to her colleagues.

Whatever employment Nan chooses to do, whether it be in Travel or not, I can honestly advise she will do it well & give 100%. My only advice is to employ her because you won’t regret it.

Susan Wookey
Travel Centre Manager

Nan worked for me for a 3-year period. During this time, I have found her to be honest & hard working & very thorough in all aspects of her job.

She is an excellent timekeeper & most diligent towards her clients. She works particularly well under pressure & never loses her cool.

I have no hesitation in recommending her for any position she wishes to undertake.

Peter Garbett
Travel Centre

Nan has exceptional communication skills, and is held in very high esteem by her peers. She moved into a managerial role after a short time, & conducted herself with the utmost professionalism. She was regularly sought after by both customers and suppliers’ representatives.

Nan is a team player, and I have no reservation in recommending her for any position she may apply for.

Roger D Welch
Alexandra Traders Pty Ltd

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